Adapt: Work in any Situation

During my final project of my second year in university, we got our brief, to design a power drill.  We were given the base components that we must use, consisting of:

  • the drill with the motor
  • the trigger
  • 10 18650 Li-ion batteries (can be arranged in any way we want)

Our task was to design the drill, both inside and out, and to keep ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.  With my love of space, the first thing I did was email NASA what the requirements for tools are to be used in space, on the Moon, and possibly on Mars.  I have seen images of the drill used aboard the ISS, and was hoping I would be able to design a power tool that could be used in the space industry.

Long story short, I never got a reply (even until now, 9 months later), so I decided to go along a different path.  Instead of designing a drill for the harsh environments off this Earth, I would design a drill for the harsh environments on it.  To complete this task, the drill should be waterproof, dust proof, fall proof…basically just usage proof.

I started ideation based on the designs of normal drills, but soon realized that they didn’t fit to the market I was trying to design for, so I took a different approach, and like much of my work, designed a drill heavily influenced from science fiction movies and games, as well as modern weapons.  Some of the main inspirations were the F2000 gun, and a variety of weapons from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The grips used in weapons like the ones above, keep the users hand, wrist and forearm aligned and straight, which allows the weapon to be kept steady, a feature which could be implemented in drills, to ensure the screw or hole drilled into a wall goes straight and not in a funky direction.  Alongside this, the design also gave the drill a unique look, something which I thought was quite important in the drill market right now.  Just for fun, type in “drill” on google images….they all look the same.  The result, was a water and dust proof drill which is very durable and looks like it came straight from a sci-fi movie.

Adapt Drill - InSitu ViewAdapt Drill - Orthographic Views

Product Details:

  • Powered by 10 18650 Li ion batteries
  • Rubber seal to keep water and dust out of the internals
  • Color Scheme to help with usability (inspired by the color scheme used in “The Martian” movie)
    • Orange = Interactive parts
    • Black = Grip
    • Grey = Everything else
  • Waterproof screen mesh to allow the motor to cool but keep water out (the same technology is used in waterproof phones for the speakers, the mesh is thin enough to let air pass through but water does not, just like the phones, only works to 1.5m depth)
  • magnetic plate to keep screws safe


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