Graphic Design Work

This portfolio Entry will be used to showcase some graphic design work I have completed over the previous years from internships and collaborations with other projects.  This page is still in progress and more content will be added soon.


Aqua Pro – Email Newsletter

This project was completed in the summer of 2017, when family friends asked me to design an email newsletter for one of their friends.  Aqua pro is a single-point filling system for Industrial batteries.  The patent for the design ran out a few years back, when someone decided to take the idea forward to compete with other industrial battery filling systems.  Family friends who invested in his business were looking to send out email newsletters so that more people would invest in the company.

This is when I was approached and asked if I could design a flyer to fit on an email to be sent off.  The information on the newsletter had to be precise and display all of the information needed for someone familiar in this area to understand what this system does better than other companies.   The result was a single A4 sheet, which displayed all required information.  The newsletter can be seen below.



Blankspaces – Location Postcard

After completing high school in 2014, I made my way to California where I participated in a Pasadena ArtCenter Industrial Design summer intensive.  After learning valuable experiences there, I was able to get an internship with Noel, who works at TechJobsLA.  This was a 6 week internship where I first learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator, and creating wireframe models for website layouts.

Noel worked at Blankspaces in downtown Los Angeles, a co-working space.  Working with the one of the founders and architects of Blankspaces, I took on my first challenge of developing a postcard, showcasing the various locations of Blankspace co-working spaces in the great Los Angeles area.  This was done on a postcard sized format as a business card was too small.  Below is an early draft of the postcard.

postcard v 4.1.png

The postcard features map snippets of the co-working spaces, with nearby streets and forms of public transportation.  These map snippets are placed between the major highways going through Los Angeles, with each snippet representing the relative location of each office.  This would allow users to easily identify which co-working space is closest.

At the top of the card, are the various location names, along with the phone numbers of the reception of each office.  Below the contact information, are public transportation lines that can be used to access the various locations.  This was a key element in the card, as many of the individuals and companies working there, relied on public transportation to access the various sites.  This also allowed me to practice my icon design, as the various icons seen on the postcard were my own work.  At first I had trouble making the bus and metro icons look unique to one another, but after practice, the result was nice, and defined each method of public transportation correctly.

The back of the postcard would include a bullet-point  list of the features that Blankspace provided, along with various social media links.  The finished version of the postcard can be seen below.  Unfortunately, a digital version of the final postcard could not be recovered.





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