HomeGen: Preparing food on a deeper level

HomeGen is the product from my Technical Report (dissertation) for my BSc Product Design.

The Brief: To design a product that uses a technology you have researched in your technical report. (My report was on autonomous driving technology.  My chosen technology was ultrasound, one of the many sensors used in autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles today.)

HomeGen utitlizes ultrasound technology to create a homogenizer for home use.  Homogenization works with vibrations, and is powerful enough to fuse flavors from foods and liquids at a molecular level. HomeGen boasts an interactive touch screen display and click dial at the top, and can be easily used with one hand. An ergonomic grip keeps your food safe, and hand comfortable during use.

Some uses for a product like HomeGen include, flavor infusing alcohols, oils and drinks, making mayonnaise and different sauces, purees, stocks, and meat marination and tendering.

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dial interfacedial interface working

While this technology does exist already, it is still quite expensive an experimental.


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