Gulp: A more sustainable method of purchasing drinks

Gulp promotes a sustainable lifestyle in the saturated area of plastic packaging for liquids.  The concept of this product and process includes a set of either 2, 4 and 6 bottles that come with a carry crate. The bottles are refilled at machines found at major supermarkets.  Users place their crate into the machine and carry on with their shopping. While away, the machine cleans, dries, and refills the bottles with all the liquids previously selected by the user from an interactive smart app or an existing self-service machine.

In order to reduce waste, the bottles are made from glass, with a recycled plastic grip. An NFC tag in the cap will be rewritten by the machine depending on the liquid selected. When you interact with the tag, information like nutritional facts show. An expiration date is stamped on the bottle with washable ink so that the next time you go to refill your bottles, the expiration date is cleaned off and replaced with a new one. This will
also serve the purpose of inclusivity for users who choose not to use the app. However, benefits of downloading the app include reminders of when expiration dates are nearing.

The goal for Gulp is to put our planet first through refilling, as refilling intervenes earlier in the purchasing cycle (“precycling”) to tackle the wasteful packaging business.  By helping to reduce the use of single use plastics and tetrapaks, and providing customers with a quality product, we give the bottles people use for drinks a value.

Gulp.87Gulp.86Crate croppedGulp Bottle-1Bottle Carry Case PDF-1

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